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~ Curious individual who heavily follows fashion trends, business startups and the Los Angeles Lakers.



MMORPG based game with a modern user interface

Fashion website application built with React.js

Guess the word, you win!

Website designed for rising actor Curtis Glenn from Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Designed to help users plan the “perfect night out” based on their needs and personal/event preferences.

Application that lets the user customize the image and look of the character



Kurt Griarte was born the youngest of four children on November 11, 1997 in Manila, Philippines. He has three older sisters and two loving and hardworking parents. The family lived a lower class lifestyle living under their grandparents roof.

Living in the Philippines as a lower-class family wasn’t easy. At the age of 2, Kurt had to be separated from his parents and be taken care of by his grandmother along with his older sisters. However, the hardship didn’t stop there and ultimately, Kurt and his older sisters had to be separated even more where they all grew up under the care of other family members.


At the age of seven, the family’s hardship finally came to a halt when the family reunited. However, in the midst of the family crisis, Kurt’s parents divorced early on, which led to his mother getting married to his now stepfather. This marriage caused more additional family members and required for the family to migrate to the United States.

Moving to the United States wasn’t an easy situation. Kurt struggled to learn English, as well as, making friends. The migration came with so many challenges such as: moving from state to state where the stability of making friends and adapting to the environment was a blessing in disguise.


Griarte’s family finally settled down in Chapel Hill, North Carolina where his interest for sports and education grew. During his freshman year in High School, he became part of Chapel Hill High’s junior varsity soccer team. Having never played a minute of soccer in his life, achieving a role to play for the men’s team was one of Kurt’s earliest taste for success.

Being used to change, Griarte’s high school years took a detour as he was forced to move to a charter school. There he was heavily involved on The Spanish Club, The Future Business Leaders of America Team, The Debate Team, The Basketball Team and The Soccer Team. The same boy who was once separated from his family at a young age, who barely spoke English and struggled to make friends, is now becoming a man ready to achieve the challenges that lie ahead.


Graduating High School in 2016, Kurt decided to attend a community college where he studied Computer Science. At the same time, he began his lifelong dream of owning a company and decided to create a clothing brand named, “Griarte”, originally named after his last name.

Kurt has recently left Griarte because he lost trust and faith with his business partner. Although he isn’t a part of Griarte anymore, he has continued to study Computer Science and attends UNC Chapel Hill’s Coding Bootcamp where he is learning to become a Full Stack Developer.






















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